scríbhinní ⁊ deocháin do chuallucht na Gaelainne

Technical articles in English

Dé bheatha-sa. So what's here? Irish and other Celtic language user interface localisation for Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux computers, in network and workplace environments especially. Practical methods for managing user interface localisation. Localisation management for LibreOffice. Celtic language plug-ins for WordPress.

(And more of the same in the Irish language section of this site.)





Fictar dom

Others' work with the Celtic Languages

Irish hardware keyboard

Have a look at the Irish keyboard (page in Irish but you'll get the idea from the pictures) from Dúrud Teoranta (page in English). Better still, buy one and use it. If you have Irish, and are interested in the design technicalities, there's a video on YouTube of a presentation by Ciarán Ó Bréartúin, the man behind it. An eye-opener that puts the half-bakedness of the 'standard' Irish keyboard in an international context.

Celtica L10N: Localizing for the Celtic Languages

Anyone interested in the subjects covered on this website will probably be interested in Celtica L10N, an informal online meeting place to share ideas, experiences, opportunities and successes of localizing software primarily for the Celtic languages.