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Practical methods for managing the Windows network deployment of LibreOffice and for managing its user interface language, with emphasis on Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and Breton

Part 6

LibreOffice installation: alternative methods

I'm after playing with three different methods to set up silent, automated network installs of LibreOffice and it is these that are documented over the next three pages. All three methods basically provide non-graphical, unattended ways to select and deselect the various options that appear as checkboxes under 'custom installation' during GUI-based installs.

Although all three methods are generally sound, repeated testing suggests that two of them don't quite do everything they're meant to do. This is either because of some mistake of my own or of a bug in the MSI installer file that breaks the multi-lingual part of the deployment (the rest works fine). I have all three methods fully-documented anyway though, with notes to flag the bits that don't work, and I'll update the article as and when things improve.

Update: 13th January 2015

Not too long after this article was written, based on LibreOffice 4.1.6, The Document Foundation released 4.2.6. A quick test of the the new installer showed that changes to the dictionaries provided in the installer caused installation method 1 to break. The other two methods were unaffected. I hacked a crude workaround for 4.2.6 but have method 1 updated properly now for 4.2.8.

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